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Accessing OASys (Oncology Analysis System)

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OASys is Queensland's secure web based analytic tool that provides clinicians, researchers, executives, administrators and policy makers with instant access to clear and accurate state wide and HHS level cancer information.

Currently OASys provides historic, current and year 2016, 2021 projected data on cancer incidence and prevalence, mortality and survival statistics with a combination of demographic and clinical variables for flexible analysis.

More than 460 cancer clinicians, researchers, executives, administrators and policy makers have direct online access to OASys, enabling them to analyse, review or generate customised data reports.

Not a Queensland Health employee?

There has been a change in terms and conditions for those teams or individuals that are external to Qld Health who want access to OASys. Teams external to Qld Health are now required to complete the Data Access and Use Deed. The instructions are pretty clear and contained within the deed. If you are part of a team you can include all the team members in the one deed.

Download the OASys access deed

Have a cancer question?

Are you planning a new cancer service in regional Queensland? Do you need numbers for that grant application? Do you have a burning research question?

Like to know how many people from your HHS were diagnosed with Lymphoma between 2000 - 2004?
What's the 5 year survival for patients with Glioblastoma Multiformae?
How many children died from Leukaemia in the last 10 years?


Simply select the cancer of interest, drag and drop the variables you are interested in and build yourself a totally customisable report.

The facts

OASys is a statewide clinical cancer database formed by linking cancer registry data with diagnostic and treatment information from various sources such as in-patient data for public and private admissions and information systems for chemotherapy, radiation oncology, pharmacy, and pathology.

OASys contains diagnosis, treatment, and outcome data on over 400, 000 individual invasive cancers diagnosed among Queensland residents of all ages (including children) since 1982. Benign (non-invasive) cancers are excluded. Likewise, basal and squamous carcinomas of skin are deemed non-notifiable and are therefore excluded from OASys. All data are de-identified and aggregated.

Using any computer in the Queensland Health network, OASys users can examine outcome measures such as survival across various combinations of demographic and clinical dimensions such as age, residence and cancer.

What it costs

It's free! OASys is free resource provided by the Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team (QCCAT)

Give it a go

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