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Accessing QOOL (Queensland Oncology On-Line)

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Not a Queensland Health employee?

There has been a change in terms and conditions for those teams or individuals that are external to Qld Health who want access to QOOL. Teams external to Qld Health are now required to complete the Data Access and Use Deed. The instructions are pretty clear and contained within the deed.

Download the QOOL access deed

QOOL use by MDTs

QOOL aims to support cancer services throughout Queensland by providing solutions for routine and standard data capture, information sharing with a patient centric focus, and providing access to clinical outcomes and system performance data for quality improvement.

Clinicians use QOOL to refer patients for a multi-disciplinary review and electronically capture and communicate important clinical information such as diagnosis, cancer stage and recommended treatment. QOOL enables clinicians from across Queensland to participate in local and state-wide audit and peer review activities. QOOL supports clinician led service improvement.

For further information - Supporting Multidisciplinary Teams in Qld

MDTs in Queensland

Review by a multi-disciplinary team is an important part of care for people with cancer. In Queensland public hospitals, multi-disciplinary review takes place in regular meetings where clinicians come together to diagnose, stage and plan their patient's treatment.

Which MDT's can share online cancer profiles through QOOL?

How many cancer profiles are in QOOL?

There are 38,894 profiles in QOOL.
  • 12,340 Lung
  • 6,363 Breast
  • 5,328 Head and Neck
  • 5,034 Generic
  • 4,007 Colorectal
  • 1,948 Haematological
  • 1,481 Gynaecological
  • 1,288 CNS
  • 1,105 Melanoma

How many MDTs are using QOOL?

In 2009 there were 8 MDTs using QOOL in Queensland. This increased to 55 MDTs in 2012.

Cancer Care Coordinators

An increasing number of Cancer Care Coordinators utilise QOOL to record their interaction with cancer patients. Contact with a CCC was captured for 228 patients in 2009 increasing to 3930 in 2012.

Data Quality, Audit and Analysis

To assist multidisciplinary teams audit their data, standard reports have been developed in QOOL to

  • Monitor the collection of minimum data sets
  • Highlight actions that require follow up
  • Monitor activity

Audit and analysis of individual multidisciplinary team data has also been made available through OASys.

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