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CanNET Queensland

CanNET is a Cancer Australia initiative, funded by the Australian Government.


  • The National Cancer Service Networks Demonstration Project (CanNET) is a national program to improve links between cancer services across Australia to ensure more people with cancer access the most appropriate treatment, care and support.
  • The aim of CanNET is to improve access to quality cancer services throughout Australia, particularly for people living in rural and regional areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, who currently have poorer cancer outcomes.
  • Cancer Australia is partnering with state and territory governments to establish seven networks, one in each state and one in the Northern Territory. Collectively they will encompass a vast region of Australia that provides health services to 8 million Australians.
  • CanNET Queensland is funded by the Australian Government through Cancer Australia and has been developed in partnership with Queensland Health, with Qld Cancer Control Analysis Team (QCCAT) supporting this project.
  • Cancer Australia is providing $8 million to help establish and evaluate the networks.
  • CanNET Queensland will link health professionals and facilities providing cancer care in regional and rural areas with cancer services in metropolitan areas. The establishment of formal linkages and agreed care pathways will ensure people affected by cancer in Queensland will have access to the most appropriate, evidence-based cancer care.
  • Each of the networks is different but all are underpinned by key elements to improve cancer care and outcomes: active involvement of consumers; including primary care providers as key members of the cancer care team; and developing systems and process that increase access to multidisciplinary care for people with cancer to ensure they get the best possible treatment and support.
  • CanNET will bring together a range of people who might not normally come into contact with one another to work collaboratively to enhance cancer care within the network. CanNET will link health professionals working in different services and sectors, including public and private, Aboriginal Medical Services, metropolitan and rural, and generalist and specialist.
  • Establishing a networked model of cancer care requires many changes to systems and new ways of working. These include a formal quality assurance program, providing access to continuous professional development opportunities, and addressing workforce issues by exploring new and innovative roles for health professionals, especially those providing primary care.
Last updated: Nov 11, 2013
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