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CanNET Queensland


QCCAT is working with clinicians and consumers to identify where the health service is falling short of consumer expectations and best cancer care practice and doing something practical and measurable about this. Our main projects are around:

  • Improving communication with GPs and consumers using electronic patient summaries and an electronic ‘Directory of Cancer Services - Queensland’ locator. The locator will provide an access point for GPs and consumers to identify multidisciplinary teams for all cancer types within Queensland, enabling referral of patients to cancer care as close as possible to home.
  • Examining whether “… the QLD cancer consumer is getting access to timely, appropriate cancer care from professionals who are well equipped to support them.”

So far….

Twelve working groups have been established to focus on areas of service improvement in the following areas:

Groups 1-6 Cancer Care Coordinators (CCC) in Central (CAHS) and Southern Area Health Services (SAHS) plan to address a range of issues related to Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT).

Groups 7-9 Three individual tumour teams (breast, lung, upper GI) in SAHS are focussing on refining their MDT links, referral and treatment processes.

Groups 10-11 These two breast tumour teams are focusing on strategies to better link regional and metropolitan cancer services.

Group 12 In this group clinicians, GPs and consumers are working together to enhance communication amongst cancer services providers.

Each of these groups are addressing the CanNET issues in a local context focusing on practice improvement initiatives that have potential to inform cancer service reform in a broader context.

Last updated: Nov 11, 2013
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