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Cancers in Australia

You can now compare cancer incidence in your own Hospital and Health Service (HHS) with that of the rest of Australia, for the period 2001-2010.


Cancers in Australia groups are based on residence at diagnosis, defined below.


All Australian States and Territories combined.


All non-Queensland States and Territories combined.


All Queensland HHS combined including Qld Unknown (patients not assigned to any HHS because of incomplete address details at time of diagnosis).


Any Queensland HHS. To select an individual HHS, open the Residence dimension and click on the plus (+) sign next to "QLD HHS".

Data source

Cancers in Australia uses data compiled by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) using cancer registry data from all Australian states and territories.

AIHW cancer data is aggregated at the level of five-year age groups, sex, year of diagnosis, and cancer site - the latter derived from the first three digits of the ICD-10 code (C00, C01, etc.).

Cancer data for Queensland is derived from the Queensland Cancer Registry. Cancer incidence for "OTHER STATES" is obtained by subtracting Queensland incidence counts from the total cancer incidence for Australia.

How To

1. Login to OASys here, or follow the prompts to register for an account:

2. Click on Cancers in Australia as shown:

(You'll Probably Ask)

What about cancer mortality? The national cancer mortality data is currently under request and will be added to Cancers in Australia once approved for release.

Are the rates in Cancers in Australia the same as those published by AIHW? Cancers in Australia uses the latest population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to calculate cancer incidence rates. These rates may differ from AIHW publications that use older versions of population data.

How do I cite this data? Use the following examples as guidelines:

Queensland Health. Oncology Analysis System (OASys). Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team: Brisbane; 2014. Accessed <date>

Source: Oncology Analysis System (OASys), Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team

What is OASys? Click here to find out more about OASys and how to register for an account


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Cancer Data. Australian Government: Canberra; 2014. Accessed 23 June 2014.

To download the raw data from the AIHW website, click on the link "Pivot table" (requires Excel 2010 or higher).

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