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QOOL  Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team
In Focus
Queensland Cancer Quality Index
Indicators for safe quality cancer care
Cancer in Queensland
A statistical overview 1982-2021 (Annual update 2014)
COSA 2013
Outcomes versus access: who is most vulnerable?
Cancer Surgery in Queensland
Infocus - access and flows 2013
Data collection tool
The Partnership
Quality assurance committee
Youth Cancer in Queensland
An overview 1982-2014, 15-24 year olds
Queensland Lung Surgery Quality Index 2005-2014
Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Qld public and private hospitals 2004-2013
Breast Cancer Surgical Management in Queensland Public and Private Hospitals 2004-2013
Queensland Oesophagogastric Surgery Quality Index 2004-2013
Cystectomy in Queensland 2004-2013
Queensland Colorectal Cancer Audit Report 2016
Cancer In Queensland. A statistical overview 1982-2021
(Annual update 2012)
Surgery for Kidney Cancer 2002-2012
Surgery for Bladder Cancer 2002-2012
Surgery for Testicular Cancer 2002-2012
Surgery for Prostate Cancer 2002-2012
Surgery for Oral Cavity Cancer 2002-2012
Surgery for Layngeal Cancer 2002-2012
Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Queensland 2002-2012
Surgery for Breast Cancer in Queensland 2013
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