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QOOL  Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team

Cancer System Data

QCCAT collects, analyses and provides timely and accurate data to improve the performance of cancer services, to support clinicians, policy makers, planners and researchers, and to inform Queenslanders about cancer.

QCCAT may disclose data to clinicians, researchers, health care organisations, government and the public. All data disclosures are made in accordance with Queensland Health Data Use and Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy and relevant legislation, including The Quality Assurance Guidelines and Queensland Cancer Control Safety and Quality Partnership privacy obligations under the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011.

About QOR

Key to our program of work is our ability to link this population based cancer information on an individual patient basis using a master linkage key specifically developed by our team. This matched and linked data is housed in the Queensland Oncology Repository (QOR), a resource managed by QCCAT. QOR, a centralised repository, compiles and collates data from a range of source systems including Queensland Cancer Registry (QCR), hospital admissions data (QHAPDC), death data, treatment systems, public and private pathology, hospital clinical data systems and Queensland Oncology On Line (QOOL). QOR contains approximately 32 million records between 1982-2013. Our matching and linking processes provide the 327, 650 matched and linked records for people diagnosed with cancer between 2000-2010.

QOR data holdings and coverage (October 2013)

QOR's data holdings store information collected from data systems and cancer care providers across Queensland. The Partnership and QCCAT work collaboratively with the data custodians and cancer care providers to keep the data up to date and relevant. This information supports clinicians and administrators to deliver safe, quality cancer care across Queensland.

Definition of Terms

  • Data source - Type and source of data holding
  • Data received - Data received electronically
  • Data processed - Data is matched & linked
  • Data clinically reviewed - Data clinically reviewed by QCCAT in collaboration with The Partnership, Sub-committees, MDT's and clinicians
  • Data published - Data available in OASys for audit, monitoring, publication or research

Security, privacy and confidentiality

All data is stored securely on Queensland Health servers and accessible only to authorised users. The data holdings are collected in accordance with the Quality assurance committees under Part 6, Division 1 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011. This legislation allows The partnership to access identifiable information and use it to better understand the safety and quality of the care services delivered across Queensland.

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Any data access requests for QOR data will require approval, click here. QCCAT endeavours to provide responsive and efficient advice about this valuable source. For further information contact QCCAT.

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