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Relationship Between Apps & Sources

What is the relationship between QOR, QOOL and OASys?

When a person selected in QOOL has a cancer record in QOR, that data will be loaded from QOR into QOOL. QOR is the central repository which collects cancer data electronically and automatically produces a unique cancer record including clinical and treatment information. This QOR profile can then be used as the basis for creating a (usually more up to date) profile of cancer information in QOOL.

Once a QOOL profile is created, no additional diagnostic data is included from QOR for that patient. In the future, treatment and death data from QOR will auto populate the QOOL record every time it is loaded.

QOOL is automatically saved into QOR which periodically refreshes the cancer data. QOR can routinely provide cancer data to feeder systems supporting the sharing of clinically rich cancer data. In addition, QOR updates OASys for the analysis of cancer information.

Last updated: Nov 11, 2013
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