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If the research protocol involves access and use of identifiable or potentially re-identifiable data and confidential information, without consent, for the purpose of research, the provision of the Public Health Act 2005, s282 must be considered. This includes health information held and owned by Queensland Health held by QCCAT.

Examples of data

  1. Living with lymphoma: A supportive care intervention for patients with lymphoma
  2. Time trends and risk factors for cancer incidence in people living with diabetes


Public Health Act 2005, section 282

Who can get access

Approved researcher internal or external to Queensland Health

Approved researcher:

Prior to the provision of data the researcher must seek ethical and scientific approval of the research protocol by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

To seek HREC approval for the research protocol the ethics application procedures and forms are available from the Research Ethics & Governance Unit (REGU) at:

A copy of the HREC approval letter must be provided to QCCAT and ethics approval confirmation is required to be attached to your PHA application.

How to get access

Once ethical approval has been sort, prior to commencing research the researcher must follow steps below:

Step 1. Discuss data requirements with the manager of QCCAT

  • Objectives
  • Relevance
  • Patient population scope and eligibility criteria
  • Data elements and analysis required
  • Target audience for results
  • Timeframe

Send to QCCAT by post or email to:
Manager, QCCAT
Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team
Radiation Oncology Mater Centre
31 Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane, Qld 4101

On the PHA application form, you will be asked to attach evidence of ethics approval and approval from the data custodian (step 1).

Step 2. Complete a Public Health Act (PHA) application for release of data

Instructions and application forms are available from REGU at:

Step 3. Submit PHA application to the Queensland Health REGU

Once you receive the approval letter from REGU, forward a copy to QCCAT.

QCCAT will contact you about when and how QOR data and/or analysis will be made available to you in accordance with the approved PHA.

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