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Moving Forward: Our Focus

Sustaining the improvements we have already achieved and creating more opportunities for clinicians to participate in safety and quality will be our focus in the next phase. Specifically we will focus on these key areas.

  1. Increasing the number of public cancer patients who would benefit from having the opportunity of a multidisciplinary review.

  2. Further develop Queensland Oncology On-Line to enable the sharing of important treatment information between the multidisciplinary team, primary care, patients and their carers.

  3. Working with multidisciplinary teams to find practical ways to involve more clinicians and multidisciplinary in the electronic capture of information on cancer stage.

  4. Demonstrate the value of Queensland Oncology On-Line as a data collection tool for clinicians who wish to implement local safety and quality audits and projects.

  5. Build on the lessons learned from the Queensland Oesophago Gastric Cancer Collaborative and establish clinical sub-committees of the Partnership to lead practice change in other cancers.

We are now fortunate to have the support of many individual clinicians and multi-disciplinary teams across Queensland. In the coming years we will rely on their expertise and wisdom to help us interpret our data and work through the issues that emerge.

The challenges ahead of us lie less is technology but in using the data that we have compiled in ways which will support clinicians to deliver safe, quality cancer care.

Last updated: Nov 11, 2013
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