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QOOL  Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team


QCCAT is a state wide program of work hosted by Metro South Hospital and Health Service.


QCCAT undertakes the analysis and interpretation of data and advises on the best use of cancer data for service improvement. QCCAT's program of work brings the best and the brightest talent together. Many of the clinicians involved are not only internationally recognised leaders in their fields, but are also practising clinicians who understand the grassroots of health care delivery, making our analysis services clinically focused and useful in changing practices. Other team members have statistical training, epidemiological backgrounds, software development, project management, health services research and leadership and clinician engagement expertise. The variety of skill sets and educational backgrounds ensure a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care dilemmas and creates a real world mosaic of perspectives that is vital to shaping Queensland's future cancer care. QCCAT collaborates with experts from a diverse network of hospitals, institutions, universities, non-government agencies, professional organisations and patient groups to ensure clinical, educational and policy relevance.

Program Management - Shoni Colquist

Shoni oversees the day to day direction and management of QCCAT ensuring we are committed to providing a range of high-quality services to Qld Health and are a national leader in continuing to improve cancer care.

Shoni Colquist



QCCAT consists of a variety of committed members including clinical folk, programming gurus, statistical minds, data enthusiasts and standout admin support. Every member contributes their unique skills that ensure the team's success.

Name Position Contact
Shoni Colquist Manager 3176 4442
Michael Blake Analyst Programmer 3176 4488
Mary-Jane Courage Project Manager 3176 4434
Danica Cossio Clinical Analyst 3176 4460
Donna Davis Project Officer 3176 4449
Nathan Dunn Biostatistician 3176 4441
Gary Francois System Architect 3176 4467
James Golding Senior Systems Administrator 3176 4439
Tracey Guan Clinical Analyst 3176 4431
John Harrington System Administrator 3176 4447
David Lim Database Administrator 3176 4465
Nilesh Mendis Principal Analyst Programmer 3176 4429
Greg Gammie Principal Analyst Programmer 3176 4445
Julie Moore Cancer Systems Coordinator 3176 4436
Neal Rawson Analyst 3176 4464
Larissa Taafe Senior Admin Officer 3176 4400
Nancy Tran Data Analyst 3176 4430
Last updated: May 1, 2015
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